Working with Drugaid

Drugaid helps individuals and communities tackle drug and alcohol problems in South Wales.

Established over 30 years ago the charity now provide their services in seven Welsh counties and employs over 60 staff.

Whilst Drugaid has a network of 11 offices, most of their work is undertaken in the communities of South Wales and their staff needed to have remote access to the network wherever they are.

The previous IT infrastructure and hardware used by the charity had become outdated and was restricting the growth and productivity of the charity.

How We Helped

Drugaid needed a scalable hardware and software IT solution to centralise data that can be remotely and securely accessed from both their offices and workers in the communities they serve.

We chose to implement a Microsoft solution for the project that involved:

Drugaid helps individuals and communities tackle drug and alcohol problems in South Wales

Installation and setup of two physical servers

This is essentially a desktop like any other Windows PC that is held within the server enabling it to turn user pc’s into a remote control device on their desktop. Data held on the device (the majority of which are laptops) never leaves the server enhancing the security of the data stored on it.

It is important to note that operation of the remote server and user’s device is split enabling it to work effectively even with the most basic internet connection.

Installation of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides users with a fully integrated email and cloud storage/sharing product. Drugaid were able to transfer the hosting of their emails on their own server thereby significantly improving its performance whilst also lowering the required specification and cost.


Each user now has two office suites. One on their local machine and the other via Remote Desktop Services providing access to their emails, databases or documents on either device.

Supply and installation of new devices

In a two-week period to minimise downtime, we replaced all of the laptops and desktops previously used by Drugaid. The new equipment was carefully specified to ensure their compatibility and be most suitable for the tasks required of them. They were also within the confines of the budget allocated and guaranteed to be long lasting.


The project took three months in total.

It is worth noting that Microsoft 365 is free of charge for Charities and not for profit organisations and this status also provided discounts for the purchase of laptops and desktop machines.


Client Quote

“Red Tree have been providing IT for Drugaid for a number of years. They managed to keep our old system up and running for as long as possible but our growth as an organisation meant we had to invest in a new IT infrastructure. Matt and his team managed the project from start to finish, they understood what our requirements were, explained the options to use and have installed a new system that has already made a huge difference, especially for our remote workers.”

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