Working with the International Fundraising Consultancy


The International Fundraising Consultancy is an organization of expert fundraising consultants who work with charities and NGOs around the world to improve their performance, so they can make a bigger difference. IFC help with fundraising, management, and communications at every scale, from one-off capital appeals to long-term campaigns. With offices in Europe, North and South America and Africa, they work all over the world.

Given the international nature of their operations, a key challenge for the IFC is to have in place a flexible IT infrastructure able to deliver effective communication links and data sharing across between its various global offices. A particular component of this challenge is to ensure that networks are robust and working optimally around the clock to accommodate the many different time zones. It’s not uncommon for offices to be communicating with each other very early in the morning or very late into the night.

Red Tree Involvement

The IFC first outsourced their IT services to Red Tree more than 5 years ago. During this time they’ve overseen the evolution of their infrastructure into a flexible and modern network designed specifically to meet the particular challenges within the IFC operation.

Taking a consultative approach Red Tree took the time to get to know and understand the nature of the IFC’s work and to gain an insight into the demands placed on their network. Using this consultation period they were able to not only present a detailed analysis of what IFC required of their existing infrastructure, but were also able to present a pathway for the network to adapt in line with future requirements and advances in technology.

Red Tree initiated an IT overhaul in line with timings set by the IFC, designed to make the transition smooth for management and staff and to minimise disruption.


Through the introduction of new technology, cloud-based apps and expert customer support, Red Tree have delivered a future-proof and scalable IT service providing the kind of robust, round-the-clock support needed by an operation working across multiple time zones.

In addition the IT network provides efficient and instant data sharing between remote locations around the world. While supporting effective online video conferencing, telecommunications and instant messaging services has made a significant impact on productive collaboration through its worldwide workforce. 

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