What if we didn’t need passwords anymore?

July 14th 2022 By Matthew Phillips Could it be the beginning of the end for passwords? Creating them is a hassle. Remembering them is a hassle. Typing them in repeatedly is a hassle. Your whole mood can change when you suddenly log out of an application you’re using, and you have to sign in again. […]

How to improve your video call setup

May 23rd 2022 By Matthew Phillips Improve your video calls I’m sure since the world changed in 2020 you have been using video calls as a major part of your business communications. With the surging cost of fuel it looks like video calling is here to stay. It may very well be a hybrid working […]

Streamline Your Communications

Streamline Your Communications April 7th 2022 By Matthew Phillips Here at Redtree’s HQ in Cardiff, we have streamlined our communications. Microsoft Teams is not only our messaging, screen sharing, file sharing and video conferencing tool of choice but it has also replaced our desk phones. That’s right: no dusty bit of plastic using up desk […]

Are printers a hole in your security?

Are printers a hole in your security? March 18th 2022 By Matthew Phillips We all install Antivirus and we backup our critical data (don’t we), we also presume our firewall keeps out the bad guys. Do we consider the other devices on our network, have you thought about protecting your printer from the cyber criminals? […]

Is Russia a threat to your business?

Is Russia a threat to your business? March 1st 2022 By Matthew Phillips All we can feel for the Ukrainian people is sorrow and compassion with Putin invading his neighbour and destroying anything that gets in his way. We in the UK are lucky to be far away from the conflict, but with the internet […]

Does battery life get you down?

Does battery life get you down. Febuary 29th 2022 By Matthew Phillips Dad where’s the charger! Charging leads seem to have a life of their own in our house, its getting close to the point of needing a weekly subscription to keep them coming.  I have even had extra USB sockets added to the back […]

Microsoft Protects Email

Redtree Security

Microsoft blocks 60,000 malicious emails every minute. February 17th 2022 By Matthew Phillips Email servers must be a really scary place. Microsoft 365 has built in email protection, helping us all to sleep at night knowing that bad stuff is being turned away.  They report to have been blocking one-thousand bad emails every second (that’s […]

LinkedIn and Teams Integration

LinkedIn integration with MS Teams Febuary 14th 2022 By Matthew Phillips We all use LinkedIn and Teams don’t we? I remember the good old days, when users used to ask us to stop Teams from opening with Windows, LinkedIn was a emerging networking tool and Facebook was for the cool kids. According to my children, […]