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Security is at the heart. To provide the best service to your business we ensure all the security systems that need to be in place are read for you. Don’t leave IT security to chance, we will help you understand the threats and the easiest way to add a layer of protection to your technology.

Cloud providers often have in their terms that they do not provide backup.  We backup all cloud providers nightly, so if you ever have an issue we can recover your data quickly and easily.  All data is stored in UK data centres and can be instantly accessed. 

Every time you open or access a file, our antivirus scanner checks it.  Suspicious files are then compared against a locally stored database, before handing the file over to high speed machine learning checks.
After all of this we sandbox the file and test for malicious connections and executions.

Our filtering solution will stop many problems before it even gets to your mailbox, filtering out SPAM and Viruses.  We also  check links that have been emailed to make sure they are not trying to mislead you and on top of this we can protect key email accounts from spoofing. 

Block websites, individually or by category and ensure your staff keep away from the bad places, DNS filtering should be a standard for any organisation.

Managing updates can be a real headache, but not anymore.  Our award winning solution will manage patches not only for Microsoft products, but also third party applications.  We will ensure your devices are compliant and are patched up to the highest level. 

Not sure about your online security, Redtree can run a security Audit across your office 365 tenant. We look at Audit logs, Multi Factor Authentication, Forwarding rules, spam filtering and much more.  We then produce a PDF and excel breakdown and suggest any improvements that can be made

Passwords and account details are sold on the dark web every day.  Use this tool to check if your email address or phone number has been involved in a data breach.

Passwords need to be strong to keep your systems, data and business safe.  Check your password strength here, you may be surprised.

Why trust cloud vendors to protect your data, especially when their terms say the wont.  We backup your cloud data daily, including Files, Emails, and Teams Conversations. Knowing everything is protected should be a must for a growing business, how else could you sleep at night.

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