Redtree IT

May 23rd 2022

By Matthew Phillips

Improve your video calls

I’m sure since the world changed in 2020 you have been using video calls as a major part of your business communications. With the surging cost of fuel it looks like video calling is here to stay. It may very well be a hybrid working situation but we cant see it ever going away.

If you look at other peoples video feeds and wonder how they get such good quality; here are some easy upgrades for you.

Improve your camera quality

Your video can make or break you, most of us will use the built in video camera on our laptops, but we neve look at the quality of the camera when deciding what laptop to buy.

Upgrading your camera you use is a quick and easy way to improve your video calls. How about using your mobile device for your calls. Alternatively how about using an old mobile as a dedicated camera. They are easy to link up using a free app like

Another option would be to buy a 4K webcam. These plug in via USB, but can be quite expensive. Most people find that a 1080p full HD camera is more than enough.

Why not download our free PDF with more tips

Bad audio is unforgivable

No matter how good your camera is, your audio quality can break you.  If the audio of the person speaking is poor, the people listening will either switch off until improves or even worse will instead of listening, continually think about the quality.

The fix is easy and there are many options to fit every budget, grab yourself an external microphone. These come in all shapes and sizes (and prices) from desktop mics that sit on your desk for a little over £10 to mics that sit above your eyeline and remove background noise while looking cool in your camera shot.

Another option is a headset with mic and headphone together (either single or double ear). We use Bluetooth headphones at Redtree, allowing us to move around the office freely. If you share an office then a headset will not only give you more privacy, but it will also stop your co-workers complaining about noisy calls. 

Whatever you choose remember to test the audio by either using the audio test built into your video calling software, or call a friend and make sure everything is OK.

Good Lighting can make you look awesome

Lighting may sound like it would be better suited to a TV production or kids on TikTok but these people use it for a reason, it makes things look better. If your lighting is poor, event the most expensive camera will struggle.

The best lighting is natural light, but at Redtree in Cardiff, we can quite often have a lack of natural light and therefore have to manufacture our own. But if you are luck enough to see the sun every now and again, sit with your face towards the window to get the best possible results.

Should sunlight be a distant memory of that summer in ’69 then its time to reach for a more technical solution.

A ring light, will give you an even light all over your face, it doesn’t need to cost the earth, and it is easy to setup and get going.

If you want more control over your lighting, two LED panels would let you adjust the brightness and the temperature. This will allow you to match the natural light and give you constant results whatever time of day or night you are on a call

Final thoughts

Should you want a quick and easy solution, with less cluttering up your desk, why not opt for a camera with a microphone and light built in.  This solution may not give you all the control of the other solutions, but its painless to setup and easy to use.

The best part about all of these solutions is you don’t have to be an expert to set them up. You can get them all working with minimal technical knowledge and make your next video call look more professional.

If you would like to discuss this further or get any
recommendations on which accessories to buy, please get in touch.