Are you using the all-new Teams yet?

November 13th 2023 By Matthew Phillips Are you using the all-new Teams yet? Microsoft is rolling out a brand-new version of Teams, its video conference, collaboration, and chat platform. We’re being promised a faster and easier way to work. And we all could use a bit of that, couldn’t we? The new Teams is like […]

Your USB cable is about to get a speed boost

September 13th 2022 By Matthew Phillips USB’s evolving again – and this time you don’t need new cables to benefit from faster speeds! We’re all familiar with USB. After all we’ve been using it with our computers since 1996, and now with mobile devices too. Yes… it’s really been that long. Syncing, charging, and transferring […]

Passkeys could improve the way you work, forever

August 24th 2022 By Matthew Phillips Imagine a future with no passwords. Nothing to remember. Nothing to be stolen or hacked. To login to something on your computer, you just unlock your phone. It’s exciting. And that future is rolling out this autumn. Passkeys are the hottest security measure, replacing passwords forever. We first heard […]

The new feature coming to Windows 10

August 16th 2022 By Matthew Phillips If you’re a certified FOMO (Fear of missing out) tech whiz, we have some great news! There’s no denying that Windows 11 is packed with new features. If you haven’t made the move from Windows 10 yet, you’re missing out. But there’s good news. A few of Windows 11’s […]