Does battery life get you down.

Febuary 29th 2022

By Matthew Phillips

Dad where's the charger!

Charging leads seem to have a life of their own in our house, its getting close to the point of needing a weekly subscription to keep them coming.  I have even had extra USB sockets added to the back of the card for the kids, so they can keep their devices fully charged.

Chargers are the bane of my life, you would think that as I’m the one who keeps this eternal funnel of cables flowing, I would be able to get my hands on one when its needed.  This never happens, so what could make things better? 

What if battery life was better?

The tech giants are always looking to find ways to make our lives easier both at home and in work.  With all the innovation and improvements, battery life doesn’t seem to have gotten any better.  We are always clambering for that elusive charger, but could that be a thing of the past?

Windows 11 is now testing a new feature called Efficiency Mode.  It sounds perfect!

This new setting allows us to switch apps that are hogging resources to Efficiency Mode instead of just shutting them down.  This will not only save us reaching for the charging leads, but will also improve performance and possibly even increase the overall life of the device.


This feature is still only in preview mode, but its expected to be released sometime this year.

Hopefully other software will follow suite and look at battery innovations in the coming years.

Batteries are found in so many devices, from laptops to phones, tablets and even our cars. so much that the battery industry is huge  and we are most probably in the golden age of battery innovation.


Key scientists and thinkers are working on developments in battery technology, not only for our convenience, but also for the sake of our planet.  It also means that developments in the speed and performance of new devices and continue to develop.  

More powerful batteries – more powerful tech

In the future we will more than likely see new battery technology, using new materials, more advanced wireless charging and high speed magnetic charging becoming more common. Of course new technology comes at a higher price point, so we may not see this technology in our homes and offices for some time.

What are your thoughts on battery technology, would you be prepared to pay more for your hardware if it saved time and reduced the burden on the environment?


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