April 24th 2023

By Matthew Phillips

Microsoft hints at some exciting Windows 12 developments

Microsoft has been dropping hints about its next operation system, and it has got us all excited!

Windows 12 could be arriving as soon as next year and we have lots of questions!


What will it look like?

What improvements will we see?

Will there be new features?


We can’t answer these questions with certainty just yet, but there are whispers of new features that could be big news for businesses.

Three features in particular have got us excited.


First (and probably most obvious) is the inclusion of more AI functionality. From automation to chatbots, AI has exploded in recent months, and it only makes sense for Microsoft to harness this power to bring us a more impressive operating system.

We’re likely to see better AI analysis of our content, and prompts to help us begin projects or choose apps to help get things done. It will also help us speed up what we’re doing with improved intuition for what we’ll do next. We are sure to see big improvements in our productivity.


Another area of focus for Microsoft is faster updates and better security. It’s likely things will be split into different sections rather than having the entire OS as a single entity as it stands today. That means updates to different elements will be able to run in the background while you continue to work, and different people may be granted access to each partition for improved security.


Microsoft also intends to make the Windows 12 experience more modular. The benefit of creating different components in this way is that higher-powered devices will get the maximum Windows experience, while lower-powered devices will still be able to do everything they need, running the Edge browser, Office tools, or web apps, for instance.


Some of these features may be reliant on dedicated hardware and upgraded equipment and we’re waiting for more announcements on that. As soon as we hear, you’ll be the first to know!


If you haven’t yet made the move to Windows 11, now’s a good time to do so. And if you need any help or advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.