September 13th 2022

By Matthew Phillips

USB’s evolving again – and this time you don’t need new cables to benefit from faster speeds!

We’re all familiar with USB. After all we’ve been using it with our computers since 1996, and now with mobile devices too.

Yes… it’s really been that long.

Syncing, charging, and transferring data would be more difficult without USB. USB has changed and improved over the years, of course. And in the next few months, there will be another new improvement.

Unlike other USB updates and improvements, you won’t need to purchase any new cables or accessories for this one! The USB Promoter Group (the industry body that drives USB improvements) recently announced the planned release of USB 4 2.0.

Sounds exciting, right?! 

So long as the cables aren’t more than a couple of years old, you can actually double the speed of data transfer with this update. This new standard will see a maximum data transfer performance of up to 80GBps. Displays will perform better and data will transfer faster. This is great news for your business’ productivity.

We expect to have an update on USB 4 2.0 in around November 2022. Until then, the thought of faster data transfer and optimum display performance will get us through the next two months!